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 Lava Y50 Pro Flash File AF9820 Android 9.0

Why did you download this firmware? If you have a problem with your cellphone which is a problem of restarting automatic black and white LCD or hanging the problem of logo all kinds of key problems also the full problem storage and clean virus problems. That's why you can download this firmware on your PC and use this firmware on your mobile. Solve your 100% problem. This firmware is repaired only for software problems. This is a flashing firmware if the EMMC IC phone or CPU is damaged then our files & we are not responsible for anything or incorrectly occurs after flashing. If the phone has hardware problems then your problem will not be resolved. Also your phone checks EMMC is okay or not. If the main council is slammed by an electrical problem, this is a hardware problem. Solve hardware problems OK. Y50 Lava Flash File Pro
Lava Y50 Pro Flash File
Lava Y50 Pro Flash File

50 Tk


The following problems will be completed by the Y50 Pro Lava Flash file.

1. When auto restart fixes the problem.
2. Wait for a logo repair problem.
3. Black & white LCD problem.
4. When fixing the FRP problem.
5. Each type fix key problems.
6. Telephone storage repair full problem.
7. File problems lost in your repair.
8. Play the problem of stores in your mobile repair.
9. When the Boot mode problem quickly fixes the problem.
10. In the telephone base IMEI Null Fix.
11. When your cellphone unfortunately and all the virus clean improvements.

What things need to flash your Y50 pro mobile lava?

1. Computer and laptop.
2. Lava Y50 Pro firmware
3. Unzip software.
4. Need SPD Android USB Diver.
5. Flash SPD tools / devices are also necessary.
6. And a USB cable.

Why do you need downloads for flash requirements?

1. UNZIP software download.
2. Requires the Android SPD download USB Diver.
3. And download the SPD flash device / device.

How do I do the Y50 Pro Lava flash on this firmware?

1. Flash Unzip file.
2. Select the flash device / device.
3. Waiting for the file added to the flash tool / device.
4. Turn off your cellphone and remove the battery first if the battery can be removed and replace it after 10 seconds & don't turn on your phone.
5. Press the Download button to start.
6. And connect the cellphone on the computer to join the USB data cable.
7. After finishing safely deciding your cellphone rather than turning it on.

All problems will be resolved by Lava Y50 Pro.

Phone hangs on logo, FRP Phone lock, PIN key and fast boot fashion key pattern, unknown imei baseband, unfortunately everything is a virus, Play Store Problem Error Camera etc. The problem is repaired.

Why does Flash file firmware work?

Before flashing your cellphone you have to flash mobile carefully match the model number and version of this mobile software. Even if the model number and software version is correct, if you see is a mistake when flashing, so that the USB and the cellphone battery need to be checked. If the phone cannot be flashed after all these things are OK, then you must be understood that the phone has an EMMC IC problem here.

Important thing.

1. Download your cellular personal data backup before flashing and installing the firmware on the smartphone.
2. You have to flow the phone firmware version rather than download.
Thank you.

How do you flash your smartphone?

1: Download flash files on your PC or laptop.
2: Extract the file on your PC or drive your laptop.
3: Download the correct USB driver on the PC.
4: Extract Flash files properly.
5: Install the USB SPD driver.
6: Download the Flash SPD tool.
7: Run the Flash SPD tool.
8: Load (PAC file) from the extracted firmware (File).
9: Connect the USB 101 Cypress USB cable device.
10: Now Click Download / Increase firmware Flash SPD to start Flash phone
11: And waiting for the process completed rather than please do not unplug your device before completing the process.
12: Green ring will appear on the screen when flash is successful.
13: Delete your phone from your PC.
14: Start your Y50 pro lava device and enjoy your safe.

All credit: given by flash file hosting. If you see a flash file or firmware we don't work properly on your Android phone, please contact the Flash file hosting support team. Then contact us. Please tell us about your problem.

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